Mr Scott Lewis

Mr Jordan
I am a husband, father of two children, Captain for a major airline, and was until recently, a founding director of a lobby group. If that sounds like a busy schedule, it was! But the biggest mistake was always not making time for karate class. It is a GREAT energizer and stress-burner. No matter how run-down or stressed I feel when I walk into the dojang, when I leave I have more energy, patience, and a better outlook. I also enjoy the camaraderie with other martial artists who are overwhelmingly people of good character.

You can make karate your hobby, sport, or a way of life. I didn't begin martial arts training until age forty and have now reached the level of Third Degree Black Belt. For those of us whose age begins with a three or higher, I don't' think there is a better way to get and stay flexible and in shape than martial arts. Becoming the next national champ is not a realistic goal for me but karate is almost unique offering an endless variety of reachable goals for people of all ages, interests, and abilities.

My personal goals range from very short to long: regular exercise, mastering new forms and weapons, and continuously improving my self-defense skills. Of particular interest to me in today's world is the close-quarters self defense training we do because it is usable in a tight airliner cockpit. While on layovers on my trips, I have occasionally visited other martial arts schools to work out and exchange techniques. I have never been at a disadvantage while training in any other school. That speaks volumes about the quality of the training at Kreimer's Karate.


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