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August 2017 Newsletter


CLOSED – August 7, 8, and 9 due to instructors being at karate camp! NO night classes
and NO day classes.

Welcome new students – Audry Vanderhuff and Steven Grady

When class has been ended and the instructor says, “Class dismissed” ALL students
are to reply with “Thank you, Sir”.

When you ki-yap in class, they are to be short and powerful. Not long and dragged out
and being funny. Take your martial arts training serious.

Pick students up on time. When the night is over, we like to leave to go home also. Please
have arrangements made ahead of time for pick up.

Belts are NOT to be worn in to the studio. They are to be put on once inside. The belt
goes on when the brain is ready to train.

Advanced belts should NOT be using foam weapons. NO foam wepaons should be used
from green belt and higher, with the exception of the battle baton.

Promotions for July:

Intermediate Lil Dragon to Advanced Lil Dragon – Lucien Cole and Landry Cochron
Gold bar – Justin Rayford, Troy Ballentine, Warrenn Crummitt, Jazlyn Smith, and
Robert Smith
Yellow – Liam Smith, Alia Smith, Logan Wynne, Matthew Perry, and Matt Perry
Purple – Molly Congdon, Dan Gossard, and Nick Gossard

Karate Camp – August 7, 8, and 9. We still have a few openings if your are interested.
Payment plans can be made.

Academic Achievement stars – In order to receive a star for your uniform, you must turn
in a copy of your final report card for the 2016-17 school year. Stars will be
awarded during the month of September. NO report cards accepted after August 31st. You've had 3 months of notices to turn them in.

NO DAY CLASS ON TUESDAYS August 8th and August 15th.
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