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September 2017 Newsletter


Frederick News Posts Best of the Best! We have been nominated to be the Best MARTIAL ARTS Studio in Frederick. Right now we are in the Top 5. We need your help in voting to make us the winner! It only takes 30 seconds to vote. Here's how you do it! Go to Then click on the Kids & Family section. Go to the category of Martial Arts. Here is where you vote for us.
You can vote with as many emails as you and your family has. The more votes, the better chance of winning! Thank you!

CLOSED Monday, September 4 for Labor Day! Have a safe holiday!

Welcome New Students Joel Robinson, Jaden Robinson, Elias Rabia, Sophia Rabia, Josh Messinger, Zachary Micheals, Meghan Micheals, Tori Cackowski, and Brayden Lowry

Promotions for August:
Gold bar – Oscar Oravec, Henry Oravec, Leonard Swafford, Edward Swafford,
Steven Grady, Josh Messinger and German Alverado
Yellow – Justin Rayford and Michael Farrell
Orange – Tony Franco, Kaitlyn Beltran, Matt Perry and Matthew Perry
Green – JP Franco
Blue – Myles Duran
Purple – Jordan Brown
Red – Gabe Murrell
3rd. Degree Sr. Black Belt -Mr. Torben
4th. Degree Sr. Black Belt – Mr. Scott
Congratulations to everyone who tested!

Bathroom Break Reminder – When you leave the floor to use the bathroom, you
are to do 10 pushups when you return to class. Leaving the floor disrupts the

Tardiness Students please be on time for class, and Parents, please
be on time when picking your child up from class! Thank you.

Sparring equipment – Please look at the equipment progression chart at the front
desk and make sure you are on the right track to having all your equipment that is needed for your current belt level. You can make your purchases with
Miss Linda since we have it all in stock and know what you need.
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