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Karate Class Times in Frederick MD

Class Times


Monday night: 7:00 - Lil Dragon class – ages 3 & 4 only
7:30 – Lil Dragon class – ages 5 & 6 only

Monday and Wednesday: 5:00 – Red, Jr. & Sr. Brown & Black belt only (2nd. Bo form)
5:30 – Red. Jr. & Sr. Brown & Black belt only (Kama/Sai)

Monday and Wednesday 6:00 - Gold Bar to Orange – all ages
8:00 - White belt to advanced – Ages 12 to adult

Tuesday Day: 11:00 a.m. - White belt to black belt

Tuesday/Thursday Night: 6:00 – White belts – ages 7 to adult
7:00 – Green, Blue & Purple belts
8:00 – Red, Brown & Black belts
Thursday only 9:00 – Black Belt Class

**** Wednesday Night only: 7:00 – Green belts to Black belts – all ages

Saturday morning: 9:30 a.m. - Lil Dragons – ages 3-6
10:00 a.m. - White belts – All ages
10:30 a.m. - Gold Bar to Orange belt
11:00 a.m. - Nunchaku Class – Gold bar, Yellow & Orange
11:30 a.m. - Bo Class– Green, Blue & Purple (1st. Bo form)
Noon – Gold bar to advanced – ages 10 – adult
*** 2:00 p.m. - Athena Women's Self-Defense (during active sessions)

Private Lessons are available at $25 per half hour. Must be pre-scheduled
Instructional DVD's are available at front desk for purchase
All sparring gear & other equipment must be purchased through Kreimer's Karate

Please call to learn more about Athena Women Self-Defense!



White Belt
Symbolizes nothing, pure, with no knowledge such as an unborn baby.
Gold Bar
Symbolizes the same as a no belt but the student senses with expectancy the first signs of a new birth.
Yellow/Orange Belt
This is the color of the sunrise in the morning - starting a new day. It symbolizes a new birth.
Green Belt
This is the color of the spring season. The student is now starting to grow in the early stages of childhood.
Blue/Purple Belt
Signifies the color of the sky, youth and ambition. (This is a time comparable to early teenage years.)
Red/Brown Belt
Stands for the color of blood or the sun. The student is developing a strong foundation of his/her body and nature. Red also signifies a warning for danger. The student is now beginning to learn how to express himself and give to others. (Comparable to late teenage years.)
Black Belt
Contains all colors, signifying the deepest and densest knowledge and accumulation from every preceding level.
First Dan
The student is now learning the true meaning of Karate. He is also becoming aware of the vast amount of knowledge and experience he must still accumulate. At this stage the student is like a young adult who's learning to share what they've gained.
Second/Third Dan
(Black Belt Instructor) At this stage the black belt is training to assume responsibility for himself. While he is able to help others, he is not yet capable of being primarily responsible for their well-being. (This is compared to one who is preparing for marriage.)
Fourth/Fifth Dan
(Certified Instructors) Commonly called Masters. At this level the black belt is like a young parent feeding and learning to care for small children but still very much in need of knowledge and experience of this own parents and other mature role models.
Sixth/Seventh Dan
(Masters) A Master knows how to express himself and feed and care for others. He is also capable of creating new ideas and knowledge. (This is comparable to experienced parents teaching their children.)
Eighth/Ninth Dan
(Grandmasters) The Grandmaster controls, sustains, and supervises those at the master level. This is a mature adult having adult children and grandchildren.