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March 2018 Newsletter


Saturday, March 17 – You may wear GREEN shirts or St Patrick's Day shirts to class.

Welcome new students – Ashley Trail, Mike Slebodnik, Leah Kothe, Izzy Wood,
Estelle Dupree, Jamie Moore, Lila Moore and Vivian Moore

Promotions for February:
Beginner Lil Dragon to Intermediate Lil Dragon – Wade Perkins
Gold Bar – Aiden Streeks, Gabby Slebodnik, Daniella Roman, Greyson Rollman and
Willow Griffin-Yourtee
Yellow – Ben Cronkite
Orange – Karin Utiger, David Knox, Michael Cackowski, Steven Grady, Liam Smith,
Jaylen Azane, Jenna Cackowski, Jazlyn Smith, Madison Cackowski & Alia Smith
Purple – Robie Grunwell and Jake Grunwell
Congratulations to all that were promoted!

Lobby – We have to keep the lobby quiet during classes. The instructors are having
trouble with the students being able to hear because the loudness in the lobby is
coming onto the floor. Please keep phones silenced & siblings quietly occupied.

Tuition payments – Please be prompt in paying your tuition. To make it easier, I will
start handing out statements in the lobby so they don't get lost in the mail!

Reminder about equipment – All equipment MUST BE LABELED! I can't say this enough! And all equipment must be purchased through us to assure you have what you are supposed to and not what you shouldn't. This includes weapons, punches & kicks! This keeps everyone uniform with the school.

ATHENA Womens Self Defense classes – are going great! Please see Miss Linda or
Mr. Scott if you are interested. If you are an adult woman that is a student of
Kreimer's Karate, the self defense classes are included in your membership.

Promotions – Remember, being promoted to the next belt color doesn't just happen because your card is full. You also need to stay focused in class, be respectable and know the criteria that is expected of you.

Thank you – To everyone that helped us with Family Fitness Knight at Middletown Primary School! It was a great success for Kreimer's Karate.

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