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Grandmaster Ralph F. Kreimer - Karate in Frederick, MD
Grandmaster Ralph F Kreimer


Grandmaster Ralph F. Kreimer is the owner of Kreimer's Karate Institute. He is a 9th. degree Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and a 5th. degree Black Belt in Tang-Soo-Do with over 40 years of experience. He is the Grandmaster instructor at Kreimer's Karate which teaches Korean karate a blend of Hap-Ki-Do, Tae-Kwon-do and Tang-Soo-do.

Ralph F. Kreimer began teaching in 1976 and opened his first school in 1978. From 1980 through 1989, he was the Chief instructor of the YMCA's karate program until the Spring of 1989 when he opened Kreimer's Karate Institute, Inc. in Frederick, Maryland.

Grandmaster Kreimer provided his facility in 1995 to train the recruits of the Frederick County Criminal Justice academy . And in doing so, he was presented with a certificate of appreciation for his continued support of the men and women and mission of the Frederick County Sheriff's office.

Grandmaster Kreimer's reputation for quality instruction, sharp self-defense skills And well run tournaments has made him well-known in Maryland and the surrounding Areas. Special guests at his tournaments and seminars have been such celebrities as Joe Lewis, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Jeff Smith.

Grandmaster Kreimer has made his mark on the ratings circuit and is the first senior in the history of Karate World Ratings to hold all 3 titles of Weapons, Forms & Fighting.

1989 Professional Karate League - P.K.L. #2 Sr. Fighter and #2 Sr. Forms North American Sport Karate Association Top 5 - N.A.S.K.A. Karate World Rating #1 Sr. Weapons and #1 Sr. Forms

1990 Triple Crown - P.K.L. #5 Nationally - Sr. Weapons #1 Sr. Fighter and #1 Sr. Forms #2 Sr. Weapons - Karate World

1991 Triple Crown - Karate World #1 Sr. Weapons, #1 Sr. Forms and #1 Sr. Fighting P.K.L. #1 Sr. Weapons - Top Ten Nationally #2 Sr. Forms and #2 Sr. Fighting N.A.S.K.A. - #2 Sr. Weapons and #2 Senior Forms

Induction in to the World Martial Arts hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio as Instructor of the Year

1992 Induction in to the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Sr. Fighter of the Year.

2000 Karate World #2 Sr. Weapons and #2 Sr. Forms

2001 Karate World #3 Sr. Weapons and #3 Sr. Forms Master of the Year Award He was recognized as an honored professional in the 2001 edition of the National Registered Who's Who

2002 Karate World Excellence in Teaching Award

2004 Induction in to the Sport Karate Living Legends Hall of Fame For Golden Lifetime Achievement for his accomplishments In 30 plus years in the martial arts. The ceremony was held in Lynchburg, Va.

Grandmaster Kreimer has students rated in almost every category and they hold numerous titles and belts just as Grandmaster Kreimer has over the years.

Garry Holman of Karate World Ratings states that GrandMaster Kreimer and his wife Linda and daughter Janel were the first and only family to hold all title belts at the same time.

Kreimer's Karate offers programs for all ages from 3 to 93 with 24 different classes to choose from during the week. Private instruction is also available. We offer programs to help with self-confidence, self-discipline, respect and self-control. We also offer street smart self-defense, cardio-aerobics and a Lil Dragon Karate. The certified black belt instructors at Kreimer's Karate take personal interest in the students--always praising them for academic grades and at-home accomplishments, as well as their promotions in the martial arts.

Kreimer's Karate is a 3,600 square foot facility with 2,000 square feet of open workout area on a suspension floor. The lobby area includes a pro shop with a complete line of martial arts supplies. The facility offers locker rooms for both men and women. There are speed bags, heavy bags, striking balls, focus mits, kicking shields as well as blockers and other equipment to help with your training. As busy as GrandMaster Kreimer is, he always seems to find time to help others. Whether it be a few extra minutes to assist a student, or simply to lend a hand for whatever reason, you know that Ralph can be counted on to give his time.

GrandMaster Ralph F. Kreimer's motto is, "You can learn to do anything if you are patient, take your time and work hard. No time is wasted."
Scott Lewis - Karate in Frederick, MD
Mr Scott Lewis


I am a husband, father of two children, Captain for a major airline, and was until recently, a founding director of a lobby group. If that sounds like a busy schedule, it was! But the biggest mistake was always not making time for karate class. It is a GREAT energizer and stress-burner. No matter how run-down or stressed I feel when I walk into the dojang, when I leave I have more energy, patience, and a better outlook. I also enjoy the camaraderie with other martial artists who are overwhelmingly people of good character.

You can make karate your hobby, sport, or a way of life. I didn't begin martial arts training until age forty and have now reached the level of Fourth Degree Black Belt. For those of us whose age begins with a three or higher, I don't' think there is a better way to get and stay flexible and in shape than martial arts. Becoming the next national champ is not a realistic goal for me but karate is almost unique offering an endless variety of reachable goals for people of all ages, interests, and abilities.

My personal goals range from very short to long: regular exercise, mastering new forms and weapons, and continuously improving my self-defense skills. Of particular interest to me in today's world is the close-quarters self defense training we do because it is usable in a tight airliner cockpit. While on layovers on my trips, I have occasionally visited other martial arts schools to work out and exchange techniques. I have never been at a disadvantage while training in any other school. That speaks volumes about the quality of the training at Kreimer's Karate.
Adam Kreimer - Karate in Frederick, MD
Mr Adam Kreimer


My name is Adam Kreimer and my parents own Kreimer's Karate. I have been active in the Martial Arts since I started training at age 3 in our Lil' Dragon program, and I received my Black Belt in 2008. In 2017, I earned my Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Frederick Community College. Martial Arts has become a huge part of my life. I am currently a 3rd. degree Sr. Black Belt and Chief Instructor at Kreimer's Karate. I have nearly 10 years of Martial Arts teaching experience. I teach the majority of the classes during the week, as well as introduction classes and private lessons when needed. You can find me at the studio anytime you come in. I am always here, eager to train whoever wants to learn. I enjoy working with everyone from our Lil' Dragons to Senior Adults.

I was very active on the tournament circuit for about a year and a half, earning many trophies and medals. In 2006, I was a Top 10 competitor for my age group. I am trained not only in weapons, (nunchaku, bo, kama, sai, tonfa and sword) but have also spent many hours studying street smart self-defense, as well as escrima, knife defenses, and grappling.
Linda Kreimer - Karate in Frederick, MD
Ms Linda Kreimer


My name is Linda Kreimer and my husband and I own Kreimer's Karate. I am a 2nd. degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and I am a former instructor that now oversees the day-to-day activities at the karate school. I am the voice you will not only hear on the phone when you call, but also the person that will greet you when you come into our studio. We are a family-run karate school that is there for the students and their will to learn.

I started my training in 1988 on a dare that Martial Arts was something that “girls” did not do. I set out to prove them wrong. I went on to become not only regionally, but also nationally ranked in Forms, Weapons and Fighting. I was even twice named “Competitor of the Year” with Karate World Ratings and inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

My greatest joy in the Martial Arts is seeing the smiles on the faces of those who are learning. I love to help with the many different karate camps that we offer, as well as our annual tournament that we hold at the studio for our students. I also enjoy seeing the students that we have trained come back to us with their children and we are now training them. That gives you a real feeling of accomplishment.
Torben Madsen - Karate in Frederick, MD
Mr. Torben Madsen


My name is Torben Madsen. I'm an engineer specialized in industrial engineering and computer science, and also hold a business degree. I was born in Denmark, but my job took me and my family to Frederick, Maryland 15 years ago. I'm a business manager working for a world leading Material handling company. Our customers are some of the largest distribution centers, postal facilities and airlines in North America.

My hobbies range from digital photography, powerlifting, riding motorcycles to martial arts. Most important for me in a hobby or sport is to find stress relief from a busy workday combined with a great exercise.

It was my oldest daughter that introduced me to the world of material arts through a couple karate intro classes. In searching for a martial arts school, our choice became Kreimer's Karate Institute due to the variety of their curriculum (forms, weapons, sparring and self-defense).

When she earned her gold bar belt, I joined as well, taking the parent challenges (signup with your kid). Together we started our journey through the world of martial arts, and together we earned our 1st and 2nd degree Black Belt. I have since earned my 3rd degree Black Belt. Well into our journey, the rest of the family signed up too and Karate became our family sport. My middle daughter earned her Jr. Black Belt last year and my youngest daughter is also a Jr. Black Belt.

As a father of three (3) daughters, this have been the best experience for me and my kids, since this is a sport where we have been able to bond and learn together and I have been actively part of their learning and progress, not only as a student and father, but also now as an instructor.

My personal goals are to learn new forms, weapons technique and be the best martial artist I can be at my age. As an instructor, my goal is to pass on the knowledge of the Kreimer's Karate curriculum as well as the passion and joy that the sport has provided to me and my family.